We know that the company who invests in their employees
invests in their own success.


DaVinci Academy makes a difference:

Diferenciais - Da Vinci Academy
  • Qualified and trained employees.

  • Efficient teaching methods.

  • Education projects that value
    the construction of knowledge

DaVinci Academy offers the best solution for your company!

One of our biggest difference makers is our healthy, natural food preparation


In Company:

In this modality the physical school facility is installed inside the company or on the company campus. The school is only for use by children of employees. The size of the school depends on the quantity of slots the company is willing to allot.

The company offers space for the school a nd DaVinci Academy installs the schools, hires and manages staff. The responsibility of quality of service lies with us.

Off Campus:

In this modality, the physical school facility is close to the company but not on campus.
In a similar fashion it is run by DaVinci Academy and your company buys the amount of slots necessary for your employees.

DaVinci Academy is prepared to bring peace of mind to your employees.
We can make a difference in your company.


Through play a child experiments, discovers, invents and learns.

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